Creative Cartoon Concepts

Creative Cartoons

Cartoon Concepts is a creative design studio for all your promotional cartoons, branding mascots, satirical cartoons, and caricatures.

All cartoons are hand drawn originals that are scanned, redrawn, and converted into re-sizable Adobe Illustrator vector graphic formats.

Ready for all your digital online or print promotional needs, large or small.

Vector illustrations are in a graphic format can be resized as large as a wall or as small as a ball, and never lose their original quality or detail.

Branding & Advertising Promotions

Public Awareness Campaigns

Creative advertising Mascots always attract any consumers attention, to successfully promote and market products or services.

Mascots communicate visually, attracting a wide audience that will get noticed.

Creative Product recognition in today's competitive consumer environment is essential.

Draw attention with an easily identifiable original Mascot that can be resized and reused to suit all your advertising and promotional needs.

Awareness Campaigns

Public Awareness

When words are just not enough to convey important messages to educate an entire community.

Cartoons will easily relate to a broad demographic, conveying an important message to any target any market audience - simply and logically.

The best Public Awareness campaigns are always best delivered visually.

Cartoons are the ideal solution when words are just not enough to convey a message, everyone understands.

Business Information & Training

Book and manual illustrations

Getting important messages across in business can often be extremely difficult.

Corporate manuals are often quite dull, confusing, or just plain boring to read, making it hard for management to successfully convey essential information to others.

Conveying important information across in business is always a challenging task.

Cartoons guarantee that a business conveys important information that is just not delivered, it is in a format that others will read and more importantly, will remember.

Education - Early Learning

Public awareness campaigns

Visual communications are a an age-old technique to attract and capture any child's attention, Improving their creativity and imagination.

Visually delivering a message ensures that growing young minds learn through visualisation.

Illustrations improve and expand comprehension, especially for growing young minds.

Educational illustrations play a pivotal role and are an essential tool for any educators toolbox to expand growing young minds.

Creative Caricatures

Caricature cartoons

A caricature cartoon is a unique gift that guarantee to capture the true essence of any special event or occasion.

You describe it, we draw it.

Our hand drawn caricatures cartoons capture the essence of people in the a hilarious way.

Capture those special and memorable occasions with a personalised caricature.

Satirical Cartoons

Caricature cartoons

The age-old art of satirical cartoons have been used for centuries, as a way to deliver a message in a single illustration.

Cartoons attract attention and deliver messages without saying much at all.

There isn't a better lure than a cartoon to let someone know about a situation or event. Cartoons can be viewed without a single word and still deliver a powerful message.